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Lars's parents were hippies who spent the 1960s and '70s living in a series of communes. He dimly remembers the last of these, where he was born and spent his earliest years, but the community broke up and by the mid-'80s the family was more or less back in mainstream society, living in a cabin his parents built themselves.

Lars rebelled against his parents' lifestyle by joining the Swedish Air Force, but he has inherited more of their ideals and philosophy than he thinks.

He served for ten years as a pilot and fought in the Third World War. Sweden was badly hit by this conflict, and the aftermath saw the armed forces in chaos and the country in ruins. Lars saw the way things were going and went AWOL with his plane, ending up with Thunderbolt Black - the second rebellious action of an otherwise staid and steady lifetime.

Lars was initially a member of an all-Scandinavian squadron named Thor's Hammer, but when an unexpected attack by Multicorp left him as the sole survivor, he went into action with the Black Knights and was afterwards transferred to the squadron.

Recent ActivityEdit

Following the disappearance of St Helen Carter, Brittany Harker was promoted to Commanding Officer of the Black Knights, making Lars the squadron's second-in-command.


Lars doesn't say much, due to his shyness and difficulty with English, although his stint with the Black Knights has drawn him out of his shell. When he does speak it's slow and deliberate, thinking everything through and leaving out anything unnecessary. He tends to worry excessively about the consequences of his actions.

Lars enjoys swimming, especially in the sea. Back home, he and his sister took part in ice swimming. Cross-country skiing is a hobby he has had to give up since moving to Thunderbolt Black's base in the Caribbean.

Although most of his hobbies involve keeping fit, he seems to have managed to read a few books - mostly poetry and science fiction.

A laid-back character seldom in a hurry, he is slow to take offence or get angry, but impossible to calm down once he does. He loves to laugh, but the language barrier means he sometimes has trouble understanding jokes. A surprisingly sharp sense of humour is sometimes revealed, though.


Lars is strong in proportion to his massive build, enabling him to perform feats of physical strength such as lifting fallen girders. His size also gives him a high tolerance for alcohol.

His aversion to conflict makes him a natural mediator, using logic, humour or occasionally force to resolve fights and quarrels.

He is a strong swimmer and almost impervious to cold.


Lars flies the AJ 37 variant of the Saab Viggen - primarily a ground attack aircraft with secondary air-to-air combat capability. This is the aircraft he flew in the Swedish Air Force, and this particular model is the one he stole in the aftermath of the war. Although he denies any sentimental attachment to his plane, when he was offered a Gripen as replacement he seemed curiously reluctant to upgrade.

Lars's Viggen sports a two-tone grey colour scheme. The Swedish Air Force insignia have been painted over with a pink pawprint design.

His aircraft has received numerous modifications in his time with Thunderbolt Black; for instance, Lars is now able to use the ODEN helmet-mounted sight system.

Combat GearEdit

  • Multi-function Swiss Army knife
  • Commando-type knife strapped to inside left leg
  • Swedish AK5 Assault Rifle & 40mm Grenade Launcher



Lars's parents both died in the cholera epidemic which swept Sweden after the Third World War. He has a very close relationship with his younger sister Lisse, an ecologist currently in Norway measuring the effects of the nuclear war on the forests. Although they live far apart, Lars speaks with Lisse on the phone as often as he can, and they exchange regular emails and letters.

Significant OtherEdit

Lars is known to have a romantic history with Colonel Valerie Spinks of the USAF. His relationship with the collie broke up because she wanted more commitment than he felt able to give due to their geographical separation and the imminent war.

His will-they-won't-they romance with Brittany Harker is an open secret in the squadron.

Close FriendsEdit

Lars's closest friend among the Black Knights is probably Wardy, although they are very different in personality. He is also very fond of Natalie and her daughter Raya.


  • 'Lars' is Swedish for 'larch'. His surname, 'Flink', means 'quick'.
  • Lars flies an appropriate aircraft: 'Viggen' means 'Thunderbolt'!

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