Natalie Goldstein
Placeholder person
Personal Info
TAC Name Longhorn
Player Name NPC
Gender Female
Age 30
Nationality Israeli/American
Species Bighorn Sheep
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Fur Colour Brown/Cream
Professional Info
Affiliation Thunderbolt Black
Occupation Fighter Pilot/Navigator/Gunner
Squadron Black Knights
Rank Chief Master Sergeant


Natalie was born in the USA to an Israeli Mother and an American father, who served in the USAF as a helicopter pilot. He met her while on an exchange program, and acted frequently as a liason between the IADF (Israeli Air Defence Force) and the USAF. It was during this time that he met Natalies' mother, who was a serving maintenance officer in the IADF. She was besotted with him, and left her position in the forces to be with him. Both parents journeyed frequently between the two countries, however, due to their shared religious beliefs and family ties, and Natalie was always with them, even at a young age.

It was not surprising she followed in the footsteps of her parents, and joined the United States Air Force at the age of 17 out of High School, and was enthusiastic in her studies. During this time, she met, and became close friends with, St. Helen Carter, due to their shared enthusiasm for their profession, and their shared interests. In addition, the two young women had trouble adapting to the life and gruelling hours of the Air Force Academy, and managed to keep each other going through their time there, eventually graduating together, and serving in the same squadron. The pair only served together in active duty for Six Months, fighting on the Alaskan Front against USSR forces, before Natalie volunteered for a transfer to the Israeli Defence Force.

In Israel, Natalie fought bravely in many actions, co-piloting in an F-15I Eagle (Ra'am meaning 'Thunder' in IADF service), and piloting an A-4 Skyhawk (known as the 'Ayrit'in Israeli service) on various occasions. It was during this time that she met her husband, Matthew Goldstein, and was married to him after a short engagement - in their eyes, there was no reason not to, as things fell together so perfectly. They fought and flew together for almost a year, before the massive attacks on Israel, and the overwhelming nuclear assault on Tel Aviv lead to retaliatory strikes, which both Natalie and Matthew were involved in, and received specific training to carry out, along with specific sealed orders delivered by the Israeli government, as part of a 'final strategy' to deny the 'holy country' to the invaders. Matthew was killed in the beginning stages of the raid, as the base they were launching from was overrun, leaving Natalie grief-stricken, but powered by rage to do something to fight back and carry out her part of the mission. She did so ably, despite her misgivings about it later, and the loss of her husband.

Like many surviving Israeli combatants, she joined forces in other areas, and fought on the battlefields of Europe, until she found out she was pregnant with Matthews' child, and was disbarred from any further fighting, and relocated to the UK, and later the USA. In April 2006, she gave birth to Raya, her daughter. She raised her with help from her Mother (now retired, due to receiving injuries in the fighting), and continued working in an administrative logistics role while taking care of Raya, and later retired fully in order to raise her daughter - but she continued to keep her skills sharp at any opportunity, flying anything she could, whenever she could, as it was a part of her life she was unwilling to leave behind. At this time, she also regained contact with St. Helen through letters and e-mail, and met her on a few occasions.

Recent ActivityEdit

After the end of the war in 2008, she continued to raise Raya, while doing some freelance civilian flying work (shipping cargo back and forth, and the like), after learning to fly larger multi-engined prop-aircraft and some abortive training on helicopters (she found it too difficult). She was later approached to take on the job of contracted flying for aircraft contractors, shipping their new combat aircraft from factories to deliveries, and 'shakedown' flights for re-tooled older aircraft for sale to mercenaries and re-stocking air forces around the world, as Raya was now old enough to be in school, and to accompany her if necessary to other countries and places, or could stay with Natalies mother, who had now retired and worked as a teacher, and her father, who was working as a civilian helicopter pilot. In December 2013 Natalie joined Thunderbolt Black after receiving a letter from St Helens' mother, and kept her commission a secret, in order to surprise St Helen. Natalie was then assigned to the Black Knights after making a personal request to General Thomas, where she served as St Helens' back-seater, before the mare was shot down over St Petersburg.

Since then, she briefly served in the same role with Garn, before receiving an A-4 Skyhawk and flying as a pilot.


Natalie is outgoing for the most part, and has always enjoyed being around people. She has an irrepressible sense of optimism and enjoyment for life, and this flows through to her interactions with her squadmates, and her role as a mother to Raya. She makes friends easily, and enjoys spending time with her colleagues and organising social events.

However, she is also very serious and professional about her role as a pilot or weapons officer, and strives to do the best she can for the best of the squadron, and meets challenges head on, often spending long hours working on solutions to problems that present themselves, and coming up with imaginative - or even downright insane - solutions to problems. The downside is that they lack foresight, on occasion.

Natalie occasionally doubts herself and questions the path she has taken in life, especially as she is trying to raise a daughter. Fortunately, Raya is very intelligent, caring, and smart, and both she and Natalie are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who support her well and are willing to help her out.

Natalie is haunted by her final mission for the IADF, and is aware of the fact that there are still elements of the countries devastated by the Nuclear counter-attacks launched by Israel that have a price on her head. The loss of her husband in the same mission also casts a shadow over her life, and she is very reluctant to reveal details about either, unless absolutely necessary.

While she was raised in a strongly Jewish household, and followed and adhered to her religion and it's beliefs for most of her life, after the death of Matthew, and the destruction cause in the Third World War, she has found her faith lapsing, something which she occasionally struggles to reconcile within herself.


Natalie has had full training as a combat pilot, and is competent as such. Her training only covers the F-15 in various models, and the A-4 Skyhawk, which she was bought up to speed on with the IADF, as well as relevant training aircraft. Much of her experience piloting the additional models of the F-15 came from ferry flights and check flights for manufacturers after the war. She has also gained experience as a pilot for small-to-medium prop and radial engined light transport craft, after taking training following the end of the war and the birth of her daughter. Although, this is less than extensive, and she is again, competent and professional, rather than a genius pilot. She has received further experience in helicopter piloting, though this extends only to small to medium models, and only in basic combat and flight skills, with no training received in advanced skills, such as flying with underslung loads, or combat insertions or extractions.

Natalies' real key skills lie as a Weapon Systems Officer ( WSO, or GIB - 'Guy In Back'), where she has a comprehensive knowledge of avionics, sensors, radar, and weapon systems and their specifications. She is also adept at deciphering the information her systems tell her, and transforming it into workable information to be used by others in her squadron, as well as her pilot. In addition, she received some extremely hurried special training regarding the deployment of 'special weapons' during her time with the IADF, but has strived to forget this training due to the memories associated with it, rather than maintain it. She has further developed her knowledge of the weapon systems and the tactics surrounding their employment, allowing her to become a skilled and qualified ordnance technician for Thunderbolt Black, and the Black Knights especially. This ensures that the squadron always has the most appropriate munitions available for their sorties, and that they are used with the most effective tactics possible.

Natalie has also received some training in ground combat during her time in the USAF Academy between semesters, and is a functional ground combatant, but by no means exceptional. She also took time to learn the Israeli Martial Art Krav Maga, and has taught herself to use throwing knives after recommendation to protect herself and her daughter from anyone looking to claim the price on her head.

Outside of combat, she's also a good cook, and enjoys spending time in the kitchen, and is also a keen and well-seasoned surfer. Natalie would of course also mentioned that her true skill lies in raising a pre-teen daughter while being an active duty combat pilot in a mercenary company...


Natalie pilots an A-4SU Super Skyhawk in the Black Knights. Her Skyhawk is probably the oldest plane in the squadron, and lacks many of the advanced or flexible qualities of the squadrons' other planes, but makes up for it in nimble agility and ruggedness. It is painted in an Israeli Air Defence Force colour scheme.

Combat GearEdit

Natalie carries an IMI Jericho 9mm automatic pistol as her standard sidearm. She also carries at least four throwing knives on her at (virtually) all times, hidden about her person beneath her clothing.

When things get heavier, she is known to use a TAR-21 Tavor assault rifle.



Natalie's mother and father both survived the Third World War, and are currently living in the USA. They run a small air freight firm together, and do contract work for the government, and for aircraft manufacturers. It was their company Natalie worked for before joining Thunderbolt Black.

Natalie has a daughter, by the name of Raya, who is currently 8 years old. She lives on Thunder Island, and is often cared for by St Helens' mother when Natalie is away on missions.

Significant OtherEdit

None as yet.

Close FriendsEdit

Natalies' best friend is St Helen, who is also Rayas' Godmother. Other than the mare, she is also good friends with Lars, who Raya is especially fond of, and Garn.


-Despite being a female sheep (Ewe), Natalie still has horns due to a genetic quirk in her mothers' side of the family.

-Natalie has a tribal-design tattoo on her lower back, and both of her ears are pierced twice.

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